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zigged zagged/ bumpy/ wavy dreads.

Angelina Aurelia*~*
13 years ago
42 posts
I dont really maintain my dreads as much as i should. I have just been washing them every 3-4 days and rip them when it starts becoming all matted together. My dreads have been forming in waves and they are all zigged zagged.. will that go away? how do i Take care of that
updated by @angelina-aurelia: 01/13/15 08:55:25PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
13 years ago
29,641 posts

love it mostly it will go away but that just makes em sexy and yours

that is the way they want to be

lets see em

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Brandon Arnold
13 years ago
184 posts
Mine are the same way. It gets worse before it gets better lol. I don't mind it so much anymore...they change every day, and I think that's pretty cool!
13 years ago
393 posts
Just keep doing what you are doing and think of it as a matter of showing progress. Your dreadlocks will continue to matte and the zig zags and waviness will become less apparent.
13 years ago
21 posts
Zig zag dreads sound awesome.
Giuliano Pagano
13 years ago
55 posts
Mine are the same way, get used to em as they are not going anywhere it seems. Check out my videos if you want to see them.
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