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BS/ACV combining? residue in oils?

Jake Holland
7 years ago
203 posts
Hah thanks, my roommates tell me every time I shower that they when how the bathroom smells lol

BeeMarley said:
Well I saw a recipe soaring eagle put up and I guess you could say I forgot he has super long dreads and his recipe called for a gallon. I probably should use less. Jake your recipe sounds super dank!

updated by @jake-holland: 07/23/15 05:06:22PM
7 years ago
22 posts

So, found dr. bronners at target on the bottom shelf.......bought the tea tree (orange bottle) and tried it yesterday. I know it is super concentrated but figured I could just use it sparingly and not have to premix 12-1. I'm used to using either the the bs wash or dreadhead shampoo. Well in the shower, I would use 3-4 drops, rub my hands really well and then apply to my hair. I did that about 3-4 times.........couldn't really tell if I got my whole head, didn't really lather up.

Don't care for the smell, it is a cross between motor oil and furniture polish. So not really sure yet how I feel about it....will try again.

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