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Question about using a hair dryer with dreads...

9 years ago
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Hello, all!My daughter (age 3) is sporting her first set of dreads. They look beautiful and are locking up naturally very nicely. I wash her hair every three-four days. On the evenings that I wash her hair I've been towel drying well and then doing a bit of blow drying on the lowest heat setting. Not only do I not want her going to bed with a wet head, but we live in the mountains in MT at 7000+ above sea level and it snows here 9 months out of the year. I really don't want her walking around with a wet head when temps are that low. So my question is, could the blow drying on low damage her beautiful dreads? I've always read and heard about how bad daily blow drying is on hair, but I wonder if only doing it every few days on low is all that bad.Thank you!
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9 years ago
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i do it in winter toobut what i do is blow dry a few minutes wait awhile to let em drip dry blow a lil more wait blow and so on so i do it gradualy over a few hoursusualy when i feel cold ill hit em with the blow fryeri think its most dammaging when u do it for extended periods and dont move it around quickly enoughso quick short blasts shouldnt do much harm

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