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baking soda dreadlock Wash Rave!!

14 years ago
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I have to second what she said. Total, Woodstock-esque, Scalpgasm. I was missing the sea salt.... if you're looking to show your dreadies one hell of a good time, use about 2/3c. of baking soda and 2 tbsp of sea salt to a large-ish bowl (we use said bowl for popcorn usually ^-^ )dumped it on my head (half in the front and half in back) then just twisted my babies up on top of my head and continued bathing. After everything else was squeaky clean (thank you dr bronner's!!! Almond makes my skin and senses terribly happy!!) I turned on the shower head and really rinsed my hair out well (thanks go to my messaging shower head!) and ooh how happy my scalp feels! And the water that I was sitting in was disgusting.... I mean really bad. My head is now singing the hallelujah chorus... For anyone that has never experienced a reaaaally clean scalp, USE BAKING SODA (just don't forget the sea salt!). No joke, this is the cleanest my hair has ever been, dreaded or no.
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