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conditioning stiff crotchet dreads using jojoba oil

whisky sour
last year
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hey all, had my dreads 2 years now, started them via crotchet. sort of wished i didnt at the time, was ill informed but oh well, couldnt be bothered combing them out so just left them. they have changed so much for the better, they not too stiff but some feel quite solid.i want to loosen them up a bit. i was just planning on spraying it with jojoba oil in water every day. done the last couple of days and they feel great, just wana make sure im not gonna get to much buildup and, what sort of ratio to use? sort of just been winging it at the moment,  i wash my hair twice a week.

cheers for any help

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
last year
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id squirt a dropper or 2 in a  gallon 
(more or less0 of water pour it over your head wait several minutes (3-10) then 1/2 rinse.. by that i mean a quick spray to remove excess and spread it through without rinsing it all out, if the roots scalp  feel too oily rinse them a lil more then the length but its ok to feel slightly oily  and its ok if water kinda beads up on them a bit you want to leave a lil in till next wash it wont build up

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

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