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Update. And quick question on splitting locks.

2 years ago
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I've been using the inch rule through my process and not letting any hair lock up to anything over an inch. Thus far I've done well.

But I noticed recently that every time I wash with either the soap, or the liquid, a lot of locking is happening and I find I have to split dreads a day or so after washing because they start to lock up in the wrong places. It's crazy how fast they lock up because it hurts to get them apart.

What are some tips for splitting dreads? I tend to put my fingers between them and rub the locked hair with my finger and thumb gently working it upwards and out. It takes a long time and is quite painful on the arms ... especially after a gym session ha ha.

I've got 2 dreads that are fat, but fluffy. Still nowhere near an inch but to my fingers they feel huge. But for the most part the locking is going well. I have so many thinner tighter locks.

My son cut hair which was sad. He was getting bullied and wasn't maintaining it. He wouldn't let me touch his hair, and he wasn't splitting and ended up with huge clumps of hair that were just a tangled mess.

I'll try get a pic up later today.

Is there anything I can use on occasions to wash with that won't cause locking? Plain water?

2 years ago
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Every time you wash your hair will lock more. Clean hair locks up. Try washing less.

I think you should be proud of the progress. Maybe you're being too paranoid and should relax a little and just let it lock up.

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