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Flat matted roots and thinning! Help!

Gazzunger the Grey
3 years ago
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[quote="Peaceful_Passer"] Yes as SE said, the loose hairs will not be as dense as the knotted hairs. It takes a few months/ year or more for some before the locks get down forwards the scalp, it will happen. I don't suggest separating while wet, your hairs are more likely to break as you're describing when they're wet! I usually wait til the next day when my hair is completely dry before separating. 

@peacefull passer   ...hmmm  will try separating when dry next few washes then. I've also been separating damp and feels a bit like I've "overseparated"  at times, 

3 years ago
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Don't worry about it haha! That is supposed to happen! It is your root starting to dread up! I don't separate a lot because i'm afraid of over separating. i do it when its absolutely needed and the roots are actually trying to combine. I did kind of grab and go sections in a kind of brick lay pattern and i tried to really let my hair choose its section if that makes sense and i haven't had a lot of issues with them dreading together. at the beginning i separated a lot but it wasn't really separating because it was only a few hairs here and there.

tldr don't worry, they're ok!

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