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7 months ago
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When should I start separating here are some pics of my progress

20190508_210016.jpg  •  597KB

20190508_205818.jpg  •  626KB

updated by @jimdog91: 05/17/19 02:13:03PM
7 months ago
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You could start now as you definitely have some sections forming the only thing is you can easily pull those sections apart by separating them so just be careful and take your time. Just feel each section and see if it feels like there are multiple sections stuck together, if not then leave it alone and move on.

You'll probably find that they aren't too bad at all as the hair hasn't started to actually dread yet.

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7 months ago
7 posts
Thanks for the advice I think I'll just leave them for now
7 months ago
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I look to my ends and separate based on the sections I can see, doing it in a mirror helps significantly and I get way less fuzzies.
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