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Dirt built up in dreads

6 months ago
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In some of my dreadlocks there appears to be dirt or something. I push them out of my face over a hundred times a day and work in a warehouse, so I can kind of see why they’re clinging to dirt, but it’s not like I don’t wash my hair either. 

But whenever I wash my hair it doesn’t remove the dirt that’s built up it just makes the rest of my hair feel cleaner and lighter. 

Is there anyway to remove it? I was thinking of soaking them but they’re not long enough and my head would also be soaking haha. 

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6 months ago
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any day now wil have detox on the site you can special order it now.. all them clean exceptionaly well but detox is a deep clean purifyier  that even seems o remove lint

its charcoal based

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