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Dreadlocks knotting together at roots

5 months ago
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Hi all.

I've had my dreadlocks now for about 10 months, and I've never really had a problem with separating them.. until recently. 

I used to have them crocheted but have since stopped that since about 4 months ago, and obviously because of this method I could see the sections clearly.

Now however, my scalp is a mess and I can't really see the original sections for each dread.. 

Every time I separate, I'm snapping hairs left, right and center and even had to break out the scissors to separate on a couple occasions. 

How normal is this? is there anything I can do in order to get the sections back or do I just need to keep separating like this, and how often? 

Thank you!

5 months ago
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If you look at anyone with natural dreads you'll notice that none of their sections seem well defined at the roots. That's just how it is.

You've been ruined by how "neat" crocheted dreads look so now they look messy in comparison.

I went through pretty much the same thing. Just grab 2 dreads and pull them in opposite directions and they should come unstuck. You definitely shouldn't need to use scissors.

If you post up some pics it will be easier for people to help you.

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5 months ago
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your doing fine just separate often enough and do it while wet or damp at least.

you shouldn't have clearly seen sections . thats typicaly the result of early traction alopecia

the hairs will cover your scalp like it should

separating you will have new dreads born from time to time

the only time you should ever need scissors is if you went way too long without separating

way too long.. in fact thats a last resort  when you try everything else possible to separate

try separating after each wash if your using dreadlockshampoo liquid try the bars instead (since your in crochet recovery phase)

the faster its dreading the mor you got to separate.. mine i only separate after using the liquid (once every couple months)  the rest  of the time (being mature) they almost never need any at all

but for 18 years i separated  just absentmindedly  feeling around for any that needed it  not on a schedule just when my brain was engaged in other things..

i stopped then and let as many as 6 become 1 and only separate thicker ones (and on occasion thinner depending what feels right) once mature if yu want to let some combine thats just fine

till then separate as often as you need even for some going natural and dreading fast..a few times a day till mature

post some pics lets eee whats going on

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My dreads are over 10 feet long

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