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Hey guys! Couple of questions on current and future maintenance

6 days ago
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Hello! I'm very new to the forum. I was wondering on different methods of maintaining my dreads. I've had them for about 11 months now, will be a year come December 4th (whoo!)

I havent gone to my loctitian in about 4 months or so.

I was wondering, what methods of maintaining my locks would you guys recommend? I usually wash them once every two weeks at the very maximum, and normally two strand twist them after the wash. The problem I'm having is, I take it out of the two strand and wash my hair about a week later, to notice my hair has unraveled. Just looking for some advice!

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6 days ago
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1st off l;octicians are the worse mistake you can make! the crochet will extremely drastically delay dreading and will take years to recover from

2nd you should wash at a minimum of weekly

3rd 2 strand twisting them between washes only prevents them from dreading, the more they hang free and are able to freely move the faster they dread

if they are unraveling you have very extremely delayed the dreading process as they should be nearly mature by now

so wash more often stop the twisting, leave them to hang free ..only maintenance needed is separating so they don't join together (by pulling apart never twisting)

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