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Separating baby dreads

last year
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I have been freeforming for about 9 months. I started from a low cut and towel rubbed it until I got some length. My hair is still very short but its starting to Congo all over. On the side I still have some skinny dreads cause my hair is thinner there but the rest of my head seems to want to become 1 huge dread. I know this is the stage where it goes through alot of changes but I had some really big clumps that I felt just needed to separate. My question is should I be separating this early while its so short? I don't want to interfere too much but I don't want to end up with 1 huge dread either. Is this something I should nip in the bud or just keep going until I have more length? Also I was sleeping with a tam for a while but won't be anymore. My hair is so thick that it very well could end up being 1 giant monster lock
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i would just keep pulling apart the sections you want. i would definitely let them get thicker than those small ones you see at the top. the smaller ones will break easier. seriously once you just let them go and quit worrying about them they will be awesome. i used to worry about mine a lot and now just let them go. maybe keep the bigger ones from congoing and wash them, thats about it.

last year
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I have been growing for 1 year now and I like the progress im making. I can't wait till they get long cause I know they will look great. I was separating some areas but I might have done more harm than good so I stopped now. My hair is so short that I just want to get some length first then separate if necessary. Check out the pics
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