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Fixing my mistake

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I started my dreads with crochet method at a shop. That was 1 year and 3 months ago. I was getting maintenance with crochet needle every 6-7 weeks. I want to stop that and do everything less damaging. Is it possible to keep my dreads tightening without using the crochet method now? Will my roots be able to start knotting? Any advice is so appreciated!
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crochet makes them way too tight to dread that's why they are stiff

why would dreads need to be tightened every 6 weeks when they tighten themselves..and stay tight without doing a thing

they will take a really long time to loosen enough to actually dread properly

the roots will always knot on their own just not as  overly tight they will be a more confortable  looseness with a space for them to move and dread on their ow

you can absolutely recover from crochet by just throwing the hookaway.. but recovery does take a verylong time because they have to loosen up from all the over tightening

some light conditioning with aloe or jojoba might help speed recovery by loosening them faster

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