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9 months ago
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1 month in!! when i separate, every day, especially after a wash, i get big clumps of dreads by the root, and break a ton of hairs. also some don't completely separate. they pull apart, yes, but there's still this real meshy connecting layer in between on some of them, is this normal, or is this eventually going to congo? i took a couple pics kind of breaking down what i do, does it look right? should i separate more?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 months ago
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wow that's some hair ya got!

but look in  i believe featured videos for 1 on separation by baba fats

you wont get it clear to the scalp there will be a mesh on the scalp just as long as the dread themselves are eparated your fine ..and yea with your hair you'll have to separare a lot and rip some hairs the more often u separate the fewer hairs have to break

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9 months ago
9 posts

awesome thanks!

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