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Does anyone here use a scrub brush for washing?

3 weeks ago
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Something like this:

Is it bad for dreads, or cause more loose hairs than using fingers only? 

2 weeks ago
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I would think that it would make more loose hairs than fingers, but I have no personal experience with dread scrubby devices. Any particular reason you're interested in it?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 weeks ago
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wouldn't that be the exact same thing as combing your hair while washing it? i think that's its urpose to detangle while washing i cant see any other reason to buy that unless you like spending money on useless gimmicks

that is basicly a comb you add soap to

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2 weeks ago
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I read somewhere  that using fingernails to scrub dandruff is bad for your scalp, and finger tips don't always get the job done...

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