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8 years ago
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try adding the rosemary oil and peppermint to the baking soda wash.. dont forget to rinse with apple cider vinger..ive learned from here that it restores sum wut of a natural ph and my head ithched like crazy when i didnt use it.thinkn the odor would bother me..but it seemed to fade about a half hour out of the shower....ive found my oils at a mom and pops health store...called natures way...hope you get this all worked out...good luckTammi Baran said:
I think I'm gonna have to give the tea tree oil a try.. Something.. cause this shit is driving me nuts.. just staying clean is definitely not enough on it's own.. Thanks everyone, for your replies.. I really appreciate all the help and support I've gotten in the short time I've been around this forum...

Peace out, and I hope everyone has a grateful day!

updated by @jboy: 07/19/15 02:03:21AM
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