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neglect and pony tails

joe weaver
4 years ago
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For my jobs you have to pull your hair back in either a ponytail with an elastic. Will this hinder the process of dreading? If so is there any way to combat this?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,585 posts

yes it will dont use an elastic, and whatever u tie it back with leave it loose as u can and as soon as yoir out of wirk let it free

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Jessica Reyes
4 years ago
24 posts
Loosely tie it back, not tight and not thought out. Just grab your hair and loop the tie one time. use a wide band with cloth material NOT rubber bands or elastics. Use a piece of cloth or ribbon even. Wash often and leave your hair out as often as possible once you get out of work. Wear a tam at night. I have to do the same thing for my job, but as soon as i step out the door i take it out and i also wear a wool tam to bed. Its dreading wonderfully. Washing makes it very tangled too so wash 2-3 times a week if you want, shake dry and stand in the sun.
4 years ago
108 posts

To be honest, I truly think it differs depending on the person. For me personally, my hair blew up with knots the same time I started having to wear my hair up for work (around the 11month mark). My hair always got really tangled while it was up anyway, for some reason. I didn't worry about the tightness or anything either, I just pulled up as tight as it needed to be to stay in place and even used lots of hair clips to tame fly away loops on the side of my head.

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