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My dreads are starting to smell any suggestions?

Adrian Migotti
4 years ago
12 posts
I have 1 1/2 year old neglect dreads, always keep them clean, no products at all. never really had too much of a problem with smells besides the occasional smoke or something, but now I am doing Bikrim yoga a couple times a week and they're just soaking up all the smell of the other yogis and myself, just like a sweat honestly.Any suggestions on a small DIY spray I can make maybe out of essential oils or something to put in a spray bottle to deordarize?
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Nathaniel Lopez
4 years ago
26 posts

I think oils and water in a spray bottle would do great. Just keep in mind that some oils (Like teatree and pepermint, etc) dont smell good when mixed with sweat. Honestly, on those days, i get away with just a little spurt of body spray in my locks.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,589 posts


lavender (not moixed with patchoiuli))

or tell the yogis to take a bath mo0re often?

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