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Making residue free shampoo bars?

Jayke Watson
8 years ago
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So basically I want to start making my own shampoo/shampoo bars but the only recipes I've seen still require an ACV rinse after use which I really don't enjoy :P Basically if anyone knows Vicki's generic recipe or something similar (so just the plain shampoo minus fragrances so I can add my own) or if Vicki herself is happy to share her recipe with me then I'd very much appreciate it. I'm trying to become as self sustainable as possible and I'm already growing all of the scents that I want for my hair I just need to know how to do the rest :P

All help is appreciated :) Peace and love, Jake

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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making soaps not an easy process it requires handling caustic materials that require great care to handle safely

her recipe also calls for special clays wich arent cheap and cant be dug up in your back yard

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Jayke Watson
8 years ago
118 posts

I've made regular soaps before and handled lye and what not so I have no issue with that but the clay I wasn't aware of. Does anyone know of any other recipes for bars or even liquid shampoo? I'd like to be able to just make up a few bars/bottles and have reserves instead of having to mix my baking soda every time and leave it in for 30 minutes and rinse with ACV every other night. I enjoy doing it once every week or two but for every single wash it gets a bit tedious and as I'm going to uni next year I doubt I'll be able to afford to keep buying Vicki's shampoos :(

8 years ago
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hey Jayke, this is what I am using now. works great, cost $6-$7, for me to use the shipping from Vicki to maximum, hers cost me $70, although Vicki's bars are bigger and better value, and better product, the shipping kills it, $7 I can afford at the moment.


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