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7 years ago
15 posts

this sounds like a kinda stupid question, but depending on the hair type, will it every dread into small dreads? I am doing neglect method, and my hair is not quite long yet, but I have wavy hair, and I would prefer more thicker dreads (not super thick) but I would not want to have a lot of really thin dreads. This is my hair as of right now.
With how my hair is when it starts maturing will they be really thin? Or will it thicken up and be decently thick locs. Thanks to all who can help!

updated by @morey: 01/13/15 10:01:15PM
Tara C
7 years ago
644 posts

Your hair will form sections on its own. If the sections are too big, separate them into thinner sections and keep doing that as they dread. If the sections are too small, let them join with another section so the section is thicker, so the dreads will be thicker.

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