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Neglect method and beads

5 years ago
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Hello everyone! I'm new here and only just beginning to learn about dreads. I stopped brushing a couple weeks ago and things are dreading up quickly at the back. The thing is, for my job my hair has to look reasonably not-crazy, so my question is - can I go back and section my hair to make sure it's fairly even, then put beads around the sections and let it dread in those sections? Would that work? Am I being too much of a control freak? I have two backcombed dreads right at the back and those sections are really straight and neat - would it look weird to freeform with the rest of the head? Should I just do it?

Peace x

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Tara C
5 years ago
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How old are the backcombed dreads?

Beads wouldn't keep them neat. I mean, loose hair is loose hair, and hair grows in-between the dreads, so it'll never look perfectly neat and sectioned. You can pull them apart to separate them when they start to join together though. Besides, the back if your head isn't really seen, so any tangled mess at the roots will be covered by the rest of the hair, no? Just tie them back (loosely) and they shouldn't really look 'messy.'

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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legally if your dreading for spiritual reasons the job cannot make u look presentable but u can tue back or cover if you want but its your choice

its a beautifil process tho so why hide it

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5 years ago
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The backcombed dreads are about a month old now, maybe a bit more. I think you guys are right, I will just let the hair dread as it wants to and put beads in as I go along. About beads, do they stop the dreading process? Do they have to be any particular kinds of beads? Thanks.

5 years ago
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amen eagle!! well said my friend.

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