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Sleeping and showering with beads in?

Jayke Watson
9 years ago
118 posts
Hey guys, I just got some dread beads off Etsy and I was wondering about whether people wear theirs bed and in the shower? They were a bit of a pain to put in so I'd be reluctant to take them out and put them in every time I shower or wake up.
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James Colby Justice
9 years ago
75 posts

I've been wearing my beads for about six months straight now.

Light Faerie ~
9 years ago
34 posts

I don't take off my beads when I go to bed. At first it was a bit uncomfortable if I had a lot, but you get used to it & the beads move around. I take off some beads before showing, just to get the water and soap really in the hair in order to wash it well.If you risk mistreatment of your hair in any way while taking off your beads, you can just move them around a little while showering, to save any breakage.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
29,608 posts

i dont take mine out till they fall out ..usualy 5 or more years

32 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 12 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Angel Frye
9 years ago
409 posts

Wow. I must be in the minority, then! lol I have a sensitive scalp and head, though.

I try to only go for flatter beads or soft wraps like embroidery thread. But even then I can't stand to sleep on mine. It just hurts. If I just really don't feel like taking them out then I'll flip my hair up above my pillow and sometimes that helps. But most of the time I get irritated with it in the middle of the night as I toss and turn and end up yanking them out and setting them on my nightstand.

I never shampoo my hair with them in. Ever. Even hair wraps or simple embroidery thread. I'm too paranoid about mildew and stuff like that.

Jayke, if they were a pain to get in then do you think perhaps the bead is of the wrong size for your locks or at least where on the locks you're trying to put them? Locks do get thicker with time.

I tend to put beads where I naturally have humps and bumps for them to 'hang' onto for support. Doesn't matter how teeny tiny the lock is down below that, if the bump is big enough for that bead to stay but then it's all good. I squish and twist the bump down and slowly shove the bead above it then let the squished bump go. I don't ever go up a thicker lock that I'll have to really yank on the bead hard to get it up where I want it to be. That's a clear indication of the hole being to small and the lock being too big.

10 months ago
1 posts

Hi! very old chat but .. so its okay me to wash my hair with beads on ???( Í have few that are plastic and few that are like jewelry metal beads from my bracelets XD ) They fit perfectly to my baby dreds. Obviously i´ll move them around while washing .. Have a nice weekend my blessed lock friends <3

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