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mercy ~
7 years ago
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Sooo I was thinking about buying some real hair extensions and dreading them thrn putting them in my dreads because I really am bothered by my short length :( but before (if I do) I have a few quesitons. Does it stop your real dreads from dreading? Will they stop them from growing? Thankyou
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Serrafina Pekkala
7 years ago
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I would love to hear advice on this too! My friend Beth had the MOST gorgeous dreads I've ever seen in my life when we were in college, and she started hers when her hair was only about six to eight inches long, then added extensions in after a couple of weeks. I didn't meet her until after everything that was in her dreads was all her natural hair, but I saw many photos of the in-between and it looked pretty good. She said the weight helped her dreads "learn" which direction to grow in, too, whereas before her short ones would cover her face and drive her crazy.

I really wanted to add extensions to my dreads also, as my hair is a lot shorter than I would like it to be after my head was shaved last summer for surgery. So please, anyone that has advice, do tell! And Mercy, if I can get some more info from Beth I will certainly share it.

7 years ago
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Hey girl, my first set of dreads were extensions and I grew to HATE them. I felt no emotional attachment to my dreads at all, but maybe you feel different. if you want a strong connection (spiritual, mental) to your dreads i highly recommend not getting extensions. they became a burden very quickly.

your own hair would probably still dread, but the only way to attach the extension (to my knowledge) is with a crochet hook which we all know is damaging. If you want dreads for vanity reasons then I say go for it... but I feel that growing your own dreads is much more rewarding in the long run.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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dreads should be about 8 months old and well established to anchor the extentions to and by that time they shrunk all they will shrink and will grow soon so whats the point

i had a freind whos life depended ion her dreads literaly (anorexic and her dreads were saving her life and curing her issues) but after goimg natural a few months was pressured into getting neater extentions and when she did had to crochet the joints daily actualy opracticly constantly to keep em on and this totaly destroyed her dreads after just a couple months she had to start over

over and over i hear ppl get extentions wasting huge ammounts of money only to remove em a month later cause they felt too fake like a costume

your hairs short now but it will want to grow and grow soon as its mature so youd be wasting money to fake maturity for a few months then chop em off due to the added weight

i'll tell u mine started at just inches real short stickin up all over

it didnt take long at all to get long andf be mid back..then waist..then ankles..then foot past the foot

dreads are about k]patience

it will get long..very long

very very long

just let it

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6 years ago
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Just a thought... but you should google wool dreads, you can find directions how to make pretty colorful dreads that you can add into your hair for some color and length :)

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