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seeking beads

green bean
10 years ago
57 posts
hello dreadies =) i was just wondering if anyone possibly had any beads they would like to sell or trade. my dreads have knotted up a lot lately and are too fat for the small wooden beads i had in. please let me know!
updated by @green-bean: 01/13/15 09:02:22PM
10 years ago
78 posts

I'm on Etsy too, under dreadyprincessdesign... I have piles of polymer clay dreadbeads for sale that I need to list :)

I'm used to just selling stuff "on lot" before and after concerts/ at fesivals, but I'm trying to go more legit...shoot me a message with your email and I'll send you pics ofsome of the stuff I have. LuvinYourLocks seems to be doing very well on there and she is part of what inspired me to wanna set up an Etsy account. I like her work a lot! :)

Charleigh Graham
10 years ago
18 posts
i have some peyote stitches left, im always up for custom orders too. look me up on facebook, ive got tons of stuff !/Charleigh.Graham
Trina Sandress
10 years ago
87 posts
I have been making some polymer clay beads in small and large sizes. I have few on etsy. But if you don't have an etsy account and want to buy or trade something with me for my beads you can email me @ Here is an example some of the one I made recently but are not on my shop yet. my etsy shop has handmade dolls and clay creations on there. I have a few dread beads on there but going to put up more
updated by @trina-sandress: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
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