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Leah "Paddish"
8 years ago
16 posts

Most who get kanekalon dreads dread them before and seal them with hot water or steam and then put on at the roots..not the ends. It is not real hair so I don't understand how they would dread on their own. If they were human hair then yeah they probably will. Being synthetic though I dont see how that would work. Also, most fakies are not meant to be long term, they are worn for 3-4 weeks and taken out and re attached. I am getting synthetic ones, but not for long term. Basically, for Halloween maybe a bit after then I will be removing them and waiting until my own dreads are more....well...dreads and possibly using them again. I want butt length hair, mine will take forever to get there (its chin length now). I would not recommend using them long term or you could quite possibly ruin your own. They are not going to feel like real hair...ever...they are synthetic...that's how it goes. Wool could possibly feel better since it is a natural thing, but I don't know...never used it.

You could look for a way to make dread falls as well...they will give the appearance of fully dreaded hair but can be taken out easily since they are attached to a clip, band...whatever..idk...just my 2 cents! =)

Tessa Smith
8 years ago
59 posts

I added mine at the roots which by braiding them, but I wouldn't suggest doing them. Shortly after typing this, I got rid of my synthetics dreads and I really think they slowed down my dreading process. I agree with Ashley, real hair is a lot better then synthetic hair. I also cut a dread out on accident because one of the synthetic dreads was growing in with one of my real dreads and I accidently cut the real one off. :( If you want to put synthetic dreads in though I would suggest maybe adding them to the ends with some embroidery floss or hemp and then putting a bead over it to hide the string.

Jessica Le Blanc said:

could you email me the answer s.v.p ??

Jessica Le Blanc said:

did you add the extensions in at the roots, or at the ends of your hair, because i want to add them to the end & i'm just not to sure what the most efficient way would be

Tessa Smith said:

Mine started unraveling after the first wash, backcombing them sucked and using the straightener on them hurt my hands lol. I would definitely suggest buying wool roving instead. They're a little more expensive but they feel nicer and theyre super soft and are a lot easier to make too. heres the tutorial i used when i made mine: http:/

hope this helps a bit :)

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