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Dread Pham, I Need Help

10 years ago
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As many of you guys know I'm a polymer clay artist. I make beads, jars, and jewelry that I sell in my Etsy shop. Long story short, my chihuahua is really sick and I am desperately seeking sales to raise money for his dental surgery. I have an online fundraiser for him; if you could be awesome enough to share on your FB etc: .

I also made a coupon code to take 10% off anything in my shop: DREADLOCKSSITE

I've cleared out my savings dealing with his medical expenses (kidney trouble due to bacteria from broken teeth entering the bloodstream) and thought I would turn to the only people who seem to care about others. I don't always comment on every post, but I consider us all a sort of weird internet family. If you are in the market for dread beads or could toss a buck into the Charlie Fund I would be FOREVER GRATEFUL!

****I need to raise another $500 FAST, like in the next week or so. I already spent $1800 the past 2 months and am tapped out. This dog is my entire world. Any suggestions of where to post about his campaign would be super helpful too!****

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10 years ago
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Nice pieces! Sorry your dog is sick =(

I would get a second opinion. Many vets are scam artists. We had one try to fear bait us into getting a operation saying our dog would be dying of heartworms before long and 8 years later shes still with us and perfectly healthy. Went to the vet not too long ago and they said there are no signs that shes EVER had heartworms.

I had wisdom teeth i couldnt afford to get taken out. They are completely decayed away to the gum line. /still alive

10 years ago
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LOL I feel ya on the rotten teeth...I lost 2 veneers (never should have got them) and the little pegs both turned a nasty color...still living also ;)

My dog got an abscess, so that's when I started taking all this more seriously. It's a total ripoff, but in his case it's not a scam. I've had so many dentists and veterinarians scam me over the years! Why can't we all just live off sunshine and happiness?! If there's a bank robbery in Florida tomorrow you will know who did it! hahahah obvi kidding

irieguy skyhigh
10 years ago
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Is ur dog okay?

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