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Dreadlock extensions?

5 years ago
10 posts

Hello Everyone!

Im about 10 months into dreading,

& i do love my dreads,but i feel they arent very full.

i only have like 30 of them,

& i thought that maybe i could get extensions just to make them appear fuller,

but i do have some questions.

What kind of extensions do i need if i just want them to appear fuller but i dont want to add any lenth? Like extensions that i can just put directly at the scalp?

I only want,like,maybe 10-20?

How much would the cost be?

where could i get them?

& would they look odd considering i have really messy wild dreadlocks,& then adding neat ones?

i could just put them underneath the top ones,maybe?

sorry,i know nothing about extensions :c

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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they may still thicken up some ..and new growth will form new dreads between them it will look fuller in the 2nd year most likely

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Graciela Moreno
5 years ago
16 posts

Give it some time (: I thought about getting extensions too ..
but lets face it, It's going to be extra work, and extensions can be pricey.
They can also probably cause damage if you're planning to crochet them in.
Just stick it out, and give it another year or 2... I guarantee they'll look much fuller and longer (:
Let nature take it's course and let them do their thing.

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