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2+ year natural dreads...just got crochet maintenance and hate!?!?

6 years ago
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Hi all.  So I rather unwittingly had my dreads crocheted yesterday - immediate regret!  I had otherwise perfect flowing natural dreads about 6" past my shoulders with a bit of loose hair and a few patches of un-dreaded hair.  It was pretty ideal other than the new growth getting out of hand and needing some maintenance.  I ended up at a dread salon and explained what I wanted, but sat down with no mirror or further discussion, and...before I knew it, it was too late...I thought I was having a few loops sorted out with the hook, but I got the full treatment.  Now they're way, way, way too tight (like less than half of the diameter of the lower half of the dreads that they didn't knit) and look this skinny, wiry, urban thing pulled tight on my scalp, then with about 15% of a Jack Sparrow/Rob Zombie thing tossed in at the tips.

The crochet method is totally not for me and I would really like to undo as much of it as possible.  Are there any recommended techniques to reverse the process?  I'm only 36 hours into it and used a ton of coconut oil last night to massage and loosen the roots (are you fucking kidding me...who could think this is a good way to get the roots to lock?)...I did an AVC first thing this morning, then followed with a Dr. Bronners wash and very heavy conditioning.  It's a bit better, but I'd really like to do all that I can before any of the crochet work really sets.


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6 years ago
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Got any before and after pictures?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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absolutely do what your doing condition condition loosen them up 

crochet is a horrible thing to do to dreads and unfortunately that mistake might take years to recover from

but conditioning a lot now to loosen them as much as you can will help

wish you found us 48 hours sooner! please post photos for the next guy or girl so they don't make that mistake

wouldn't do the vinegar

jojoba aloe stuff like that soften and loosen but beware of buildup since they are like so solid now

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