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Crochet, 16 dreads, HUGE sections

Jose Kassai
10 years ago
38 posts
Hello everyone! My first post! Yippe!Well, let's start at the beginning. It was about 2 months ago when I, who had curly long hair then, decided to finally get dreadlocks done. That's me with the sunglasses in the first pic (that is, if the pic gets uploaded - my tablet hates me).So my friend had met this guy who had beautiful dreads, who said he made them himself. And so i went there. Then, after 13 hours, a crochet needle and R$ 500 (about 200 dollars), we get to the second pic. My friend, who saw that pic, proptly told me i looked like a helicopter. I had thought of a palm tree.I thought, "they'll get better" and went on. So we got to the third pic. After all the hype from getting them done, I'd started thinking they're too few, the sections are too big. "Maybe I just do not have the hair for it".Long story short: I'm not too sure about the future of my hair. Soaring Eagle just told me in the chat that with these sections, I'll have dreads as thick as my wrist. Should I comb em off and start again? Rip 'em into smaller dreads? Or just wait and see?I'm thankfur for any advice you guys have. It's been a dream of mine to have 'em locks...
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Jose Kassai
10 years ago
38 posts
Here's the pic of me before. As i thought, they didn't upload. My dreaded pics are on my profile
Jamison Johnston3
10 years ago
64 posts
Welcome! I also hope for fat dreads, but I am going the neglect route.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,629 posts

well he said the section sizes were like your average drinking cup

there we have the results

and keep in mind..he paid for this

those dreads will be massive and will be hard to keep separated

theres only 2 dreads on the entire back of his head!

when they thicken up..and they will thicken up a will he sleep on that

now ive told him i believe he should

1 demand a full refund

2 comb them out as gently as possible

3 start over with neglect or tnr

and aim for 40+ or more dreads

each 1 of those dreads should be at least 6...4 if he wants huge dreads 6 or more if he doesnt wantthe hassle of huge dreads

thats my opinion but i want everyone elses

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1

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irieguy skyhigh
9 years ago
20 posts
I think it looks nice..but im rather have n see all natural dreads......and dreads are grown not bought.there earned thru things u seen .done.n experience s u had
Moon Child
9 years ago
51 posts
You poor guy. I would gently comb them out then throw way the comb
9 years ago
173 posts

I would probably comb them out and then either go with neglect, or a very gentle TnR --> Neglect. (though neglect would probably be best, your hair has been through enough!)

9 years ago
4 posts

Have you decided what to do yet?

Big dreads look great on some people but with 16 dreads on your entire head they are going to be massive. I agree with most people here. If you haven't already done so, I would suggest combing them out. If you want really big dreads I would aim for at least 24-36. They'll still be pretty big with that many.

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