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a question for hippies..and spiritual travelers.. this title sounds so lame but i dunno what to write here lol

Mariah Mae Stone
9 years ago
6 posts

Actually, this lifestyle doesn't require saving up money for years. My parents bought a bus that they lived on for 4 years and they travelled all over the United States. They lived day by day, staying in small towns just long enough to get the gas money to drive to the next one. It sounds like a wonderful way to live. Me and my boyfriend plan on doing this next year and travel around for a year or two, then we plan to settle down somewhere in Colorado.

christina bird
9 years ago
54 posts

mariah thats so nice ! u have some good guidance from ur mum n dad when u need any :D i hope u have a wonderful time !!! :) <3

Mariah Mae Stone
9 years ago
6 posts

Thank you! :) I know I am blessed. I hope anyone who wants to live this type of lifestyle gets the chance. It is a beautiful world~

christina bird said:

mariah thats so nice ! u have some good guidance from ur mum n dad when u need any :D i hope u have a wonderful time !!! :) <3

6 years ago
35 posts

Greetings from the US!(:

My personal advice, is that the "hippy wanderer lifestyle" by definitions is you following your own path. I, personally, awoke to the realization that my duty in life is to be a shamanic healer, herbalist, and energy worker, and to live in balance with this earth we live on and as far from the "system" as possible.

By following my heart, talking to those around me, and trusting the world would put what was needed in front of me, I am now going to college to become a chiropractor and learning the rest through other routes, something i never thought would happen. i typically dislike institutions, but since i am working towards a way of solidifying my "weird hippy" lifestyle in something western, i will be able to pay off whatever is needed to please the system while living outside of it. I plan to build a tiny house community out where i live, start growing whatever i need to survive, and working towards "Off grid" living that allows me to be free of most financial responsibilities so i can heal for the sake of healing, not for profit.

My point is, my journey wont work for everyone. heck, it wont work for most people, and it rightly shouldn't! its my path to walk, and your path to walk is yours, just walk it with an open heart and approach everything with an open mind, and you will be surprised where you end up (: i have friends who have stranded themselves in other countries for years at a time, and by simply trusting "it is what it is" and realizing that home is a place in your heart, they made their way back in one piece.sometimes you have to work for the things you need, sometimes it comes from the generosity of others, and sometimes it comes from mother earth, but the whole point of the "wandering" is trusting the journey because you know its your journey, and you only get to take it once.

I hope this helped, blessings to you on all your future endeavors! may every sunrise bring you hope, and may every sunset bring you peace (:


4 years ago
7 posts

A 5 year old thread but beautiful energy and intentions flowing through. Hope all of you are shining bright out there.

I will have to come back and read more as there's so much that one sitting is not enough :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
29,589 posts

i just came from the rainbow gathering

while there, the lakota that are protecting the black hills invited  us to a community that is 1000 acres in the black hills.

many families travel full time. right now, a great grandmother left her greatgrandaughter with us, we're camping by lake superior, shes still at the gathering and will be for cleanup.

rainbows live on love. by loving and giving you receive.

one of the midwest tribes had a cerimony called the potlatch, it was made illegal and called uncivilized. it was simply giving away all your belongings to celebrate a great fortune, like a birth. (or for other reasons) knowing others would hold one soon and you'd receive .

an economy of giving.. 

and  of doing. 

32 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 12 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
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