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spiritual/mental help with yoga?!?

9 years ago
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I'm not sure if I am posting this on the right forum or if I should be posting in this website but I felt that it wouldn't hurt. So anyway I was thinking about getting into yoga to help with my constant anxiety that I have been having. It all started a few months ago when I went to the hospital having heart problems and so on...everything turned out fine and they found what was causing the problem. Currently though I have been worried about almost everything, and this anxiety that has been brought out recently is starting to mess with my whole social life. I'm starting to get panic attacks and that doesn't really help with me knowing I just went to the hospital because of heart issues. Anyway the reason I'm posting this is because I wanted to know more about yoga, and I don't just wanna find poses and start from there. I really want the whole spiritual side of it, and really look to just calm everything down to be able to handle the anxiety that I am having. So if anyone will read this any help will be awesome :D really just looking for any place I can start and try to be happy again.

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9 years ago
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theres a yoga group post it there plz

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