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Moon gloW
7 years ago
11 posts

I had my ears up to 3/4", left them out for two years when I was partying really hard after loosing a lot of plugs/tunnels. Those shrank down to a 0. I have hand carved Amazonite in them right now. I have two tattoos. A flower on the back of my neck and the Buddhist knot on my right lateral deltoid. I am going to get my nose pierced in the next couple weeks. I am not sure if it should be the left or right side. I have wanted my lip and eyebrow pierced for a while now, but decided against the lip because I get fidgety and I would fuck my teeth up. Plus I am planning on taking Krav Maga soon and don't want the piercing to knock out a tooth. The next tattoos I have planned are 1) The flower of life. Either on the left side of my chest or on my left arm same as the other. And 2) All the states I have lived in around my bicep, tricep and then onto the front area there on the arm. Virginia, with a star in Richmond the biggest; Utah, with a dot in Orem and Salt Lake City and a circle in the lower left corner crossing over the line into Nevada where I spend 63 days of my life camping and hiking; and soon to be Colorado!

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Ms. Lambergiinnii
7 years ago
6 posts

Congrats on the new bifurcation!! I have had my tongue split for 6 years now and absolutely love it!! It's always nice to see ladies who are into the harder mods, as I come across a lot of people who deem this unladylike or intimidating!! I've been focusing more on my scars lately and will post some pics of my newer additions on my side.

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Baba Fats
7 years ago
2,710 posts

I used to have 00's in each lobe, and 12-10g up each side and a cartlidge. I had my septum, lip and tounge peirced. Now I just have 0's in each lobe. I've been getting into tats instead. I'll try to get a new pic of it on my page

I've got a simple bass cleff on my right shoulder. A whole alice in wonderland theme on my back with the caterpillar smoking a hookah with the rising smoke spelling out "We're All Mad Here". and the cheshire cat disapearing into a rabbit hole between my shoulders.

My next few will be the golden ration in a spiraling galaxy on my left ribcage. A totem pole with all of the spirit animals throughout my life on my lest calf. and on the inside of my left bicep I'll get a quote from either Dune of Slaughterhouse Five.

I'me a geek

Baba Fats
7 years ago
2,710 posts

Does anyone know where I could do a suspension in or around Philly, Pa?

Joshua Perez
5 years ago
11 posts

Ive retired a bunch of pierceings. Currently I have 6 step 10g ladder. Both Nipples and ears at 1inch. Ive been suspended and have done some pulls. ALong with a few cuttings and piercing session. A few shitty tatts over 15 years ago with none since. Future plans include a couple tatts, and implant or 2. I also have a piece for a trans.

5 years ago
597 posts

i've retired my 2nd lobe holes that were stretched to an 8g i think, my 3rd lobe holes that were maybe a 10g, my 8g conch, a tragus, 3 cartilage piercings, a 4g flat, my nostril, my double high nostrils (that i'd love to have redone), labret, tongue, nipples, 0g inner labia, 4g fourchette, & a christina.

i've downsized my lobes from 3/4" to 1/2" & 5/8". downsized my top navel from 4g to a standard 14g, my lower navel is also a 14g, my septum is 4g, VCH 4g, medusa, 4 out of 6 clavicle microdermals are left & i want to replace the missing ones. & i have 2 small easily concealed tattoos.

in the future i'd like to replace my missing microdermals, restretch my navel, get my lobes to an inch (which will require a scalpel to reposition the hole & then stretching to size), maybe stretch my septum one more size, redo my double high nostrils, get a vertical labret, get my tragi done, both conch & both flats dermal punched, either redo my tongue with a larger gauge or possibly a split, redo my nipples, get a scarification piece, i have plans for a few larger tattoo pieces & i'd love to do a suspension someday!

i think i covered everything...i normally forget one or two lol

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