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Growing a SCOBY!

Jayke Watson
4 years ago
118 posts
Hi everyone! So I've recently been turned on to kombucha by some friends and I'd love to have a crack at brewing it myself. I know you need a SCOBY to get started and they can be grown even from store bought kombucha but I'd like to start entirely from scratch so if anyone has any tips it guides to this it would be very appreciated :D
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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well have you read what wiki says? Although kombucha is claimed to have several beneficial effects on health, these claims are not supported by scientific evidence. Drinking kombucha has been linked to serious side effects and deaths, and improper preparation can lead to contamination.

never heard of it till you made me look it up ..but sounds risky

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Jayke Watson
4 years ago
118 posts
I have read up on it and I've read a few more recent studies on it and the wiki is misinformed. While improper preparation can be bad, the links to side effects and health issues were based on speculation and newspaper articles with no scientific backing. But thank you for the heads up and I will certainly be careful.
Dave Thorn
4 years ago
1 posts

G'day Jayke, are you still doing the Kombucha tea? I drink 500ml everyday brew it myself. Best ever thing I have done in awhile. How did you go with the scoby making??

Cheers Dave

Jenifer J
4 years ago
42 posts

kombucha is awesome.. and it's pretty hard to screw it up. the biggest thing that can go wrong, in my personal experience, is mold. and it's really obvious if it molds.

Tommy H.
4 years ago
8 posts

i have been brewing for a while now, and its really really easy, jeg can actually grow your own scoby from a store bought combucha tea, jeus make sure it's only kombuch not added any flavoring:)

1: heat 1 liter of water, ad between 75 and 90 grams of suger and stir until no suger left in the pot.

2: just before the water starts boiling add 1 or 2 teaspoons of organic green tea, and take the pot off the heat to cool for abot 15 minuts, then you filter the tea so that you are left with only the sweet tea.

3: now you let it cool down to room temperature, and put it in a big glass jar.

4: add about 100 - 150 ml. of your store bought kombucha to the glass jar and cover it with a cotton cloth

5: 7 - 20 day and you have kombucha depending on the wether ;)

remember it is not the size of the scoby that determins if its ready or not, so you will have to taste it once in a while, i recomend using the "straw n thump" methode ;D

always make sure to have very clean hands and equipment when brewing kombucha, that way u usually avoid mold, allthough in most cases the scoby is self healing (it can get rid of the mold it self, if its only a little mold)

and keep it away from extreme heat and direct sunlight! ;)

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