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Any Reggae players on here??

Shane Northern
6 years ago
59 posts

Hey guysI've played guitar for a while for me. But I'm used to playing open chords. Wondering of anyone knows any good ways to learn the chord variations used more in reggae. I've got a few down but I just can't find any good lessons online. Thanks guys.

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Shane Northern
6 years ago
59 posts

Awesome man. Well I've been sorta playin about 8 years, but I've always stuck to the basics. Now I'm trying to branch out a little. I play mostly acoustic by myself. No one else around here is really interested in playing reggae. Thats why its hard for me to I suppose. I'm learning how to feel the offbeat. Its hard to sing with for me right now. Whats a good way to practice that? Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

stimpy said:

hiiiiii, i play some reggae and ska. how long have you been playing? do you play acoustic or electric? not that it matters that much. are you familiar with playing off beats? the chord variations isnt that important, just the way you play them, just keep minor with minor and major with major.
Feel free to ask me anything, maybe i can help you

4 years ago
35 posts

Greetings and love brother!

guitar and as of a few years ago reggae are a huge part of my life, and im stoked to hear theres fellow reggae musicians on here!

i use to play strictly metal and classic rock for several years, and reggae is so different in the core of what it is that it can be super hard to approach as a musician, and i totally feel your pain! i went from being able to shred ozzy osbourne to barely being able to finish a basic song without messing up because its such a different expression of the guitar, its a melodic drum extension instead of a more standalone separate instrument like western music. 

Heres some videos that helped me IMMENSELY in figuring out the different techniques. if you have any more questions after watching them, feel free to ask!

Blessings and prosperity!


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