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Looking for folks to share my Big Island Hawaiian Land, 3 Acres

5 years ago
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Hello everyone :)

I am fortunate enough to have acquired 3 acres of wooded property on the Big Island of Hawaii. My family plans to be out there to start working and living on it around February. Property is about 2.5 miles from Mt. View and about 13 miles from Hilo. I'm putting my feelers out there to see if anyone might be interested in helping me make it a place we could call home. For many years now my family has dreamed about being able to grow our own organic gmo-free food 365 days a year and the warm Hawaiian climate can offer us this. We also really like the cool hip vibe the Puna area offers. I plan to be off grid with everything except internet access. Eventually solar will be installed to run water pumps and laptops but this could take some time. Most of the island use their rooftops to catch their household water and my home will as well. Some things I foresee needing help with are standing walls, setting windows, I'll need help with making a road onto the property. I can help you with your home too be it a simple small cabin or teepee or maybe you want a cool tree house up in the breeze, we're here to help each other :)

There would be no alcohol allowed on site (alcohol=bad energy) and anyone that came would have to be able to support themselves. You would also need to be 18+.

Here's a few pictures of the property it's 871'X150', and I have deed in hand.

And here's one a little further out so you can see there are neighbors but no one is right next to the lot.

Here's a picture of the road that the property is on. You can see the roads here are not in the best shape and a low sitting car is going to have to creep along and drive slow. It's only a mile of bad road before you get to a county road which is in good shape. But here you can also see a sample of the trees in the area. Shipping service quoted me $1100 to ship my car to Hilo if I got my car to a west coast port. They quoted me $1600 to pick it up here in Idaho. Plane tickets are running $343 from Idaho

Here is some pictures of Kehena Beach where they have Drumcircle's every weekend. yay!!!

Big Island looks to be a really cool chill place as long as you like lots of rain but the rain is why its so beautiful. The lot is also not to far from Pahoa town, about 9-10miles. Pahoa is basically your central hub for all the hip folks, this place is a mecca for off grid-alternative (like minded) peeps :) yay!!!

I'm going to add this in here real quick, this is a reply I gave to a member that just contacted me. I believe it might answer a lot of questions folks might have. here it is:


You would only need money for you to survive, I'd be offering a place for someone to build themselves a cabin and in return we could help each other out. I'm going to be building a 600sf home and I have tons of skills. I can frame, do electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, tile, roofing, mechanic, weld, ect ect... I can do everything except the concrete and already have people lined up to do that for me.

For someone coming to the property they'd need a way to:

First off be able to get there

Be able to feed themselves

Be able to purchase enough materials for whatever they wanted to build to live in or maybe they just want to tent it?

Be able to get themselves back home if they do not like the Hawaiian life *If this is even possible lol*

And be able to share some good vibes with everyone there and help out from time to time. You know maybe one day we'll plant some trees, maybe we'll sow some seeds, maybe we'll clear some brush, maybe we'll stand a few walls, maybe we'll go sit on the beach and just chill :)

Now this is not going to be your normal commune or anything like that, more like some really cool neighbors helping each other out :) Basically I'm offering some folks a way to get to Hawaii so they too can live the alternative off grid life in natures paradise. I'm offering a place where they can build a temporary shelter if they decide to move on quick or even a long term shelter if they want to stay a little longer and in return they can offer a little help to me, we can help each other. Its a win win situation for both parties. And who knows maybe some life long friendships will be made in the process.

If you want to talk more that would be great. tell me about yourself and what would be your plans if you did make it out there?


Hope that helps a little more

If this is something that interests you please send me a friend request then you can send a private message to my inbox and we can go from there.

Much Love everyone here's a picture of me :)

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Jayke Watson
5 years ago
118 posts
Damn dude! Sounds like you're going to be living the dream! I'd love to be able up help but I'm under 18 and bogged with school :/ in the mean time I'll just send you lots of positive vibes and love! If it wouldn't disturb the flow would you be able to film one of the drum circles? I'd love to see one :) peace
5 years ago
108 posts

There is free wifi about a mile away at the community center so I'll be able to upload some photos and videos.

Thanks for the good vibes brother :)

5 years ago
836 posts

Wow I am very tempted but I have 2 dogs that mean the world to me. The length of quarantine is more than I or they could bare. Good luck with your new adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago
175 posts

omg awesome nows ur day time to shine! live it up brother!!! my dream is to handbuild an live in a huge tree house fancy maybe connected between a few trees lol but updates hell yea have fun that would be the ultimate life i think so many posiblities peace b with u an ur fam

Drea Starwillow
5 years ago
4 posts

Temping bro,very tempting,. My hubby is american and we were just talking about getting my green card...i'm resistant as i dislike america however... hmmm. This is basically my life goal as well, my friend! If you need advice or to bounce ideas or need resources just shoot me a message! Ive studied off grid living for a long while now. It's our 5 year goal I'd say!

Also, if you check out there are tons of like minded peeps on there that would likely be able to give you a hand!!

Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts

I'm useless at making anything lol but hope you get some like-minded, able people to help you, looks amazing :)

5 years ago
108 posts

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Great Hawaii Video I found. Can't wait to get over there :) Be sure to watch in HD.

Rafael Rodriguez
5 years ago
41 posts

Sounds interesting. Good luck!

christina popejoy
5 years ago
93 posts
This sounds phenominal! Building a little bit of paradise! Best of luck with this and what proves to be an epic adventure!!
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