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Checking In!

By DreadfulWishes, 2014-04-06

Sorry I don't have any pics, but suffice to say that most of may babies are coming along pretty well while others have fallen out completely....

I've continued the baking soda/acv rinse routine - which I love! My hair feels soft and healthy, is very shiny, and has never curled more in my life! Even if I don't stick with dreads forever like I want to, this will probably be a staple for me anyway.

It's just a little frustrating because I feel like things are happening unevenly. I'm a fixer by nature, and seeing some of them stick really well and others go back to simply being curls makes it a bit difficult for me to keep my hands off of them. It's happening particularly right behind my ears. Evereywhere else seems to be doing fine other than some smaller loose strands that I'm trying to encourage back into the more solid dreads. I'm really worried about accidentally running my fingers through the ones that have completely fallen out and pulling them apart even more. Any suggestions on how to avoid this? Or is it just a habit that needs to form?

Also - sometimes after showering, or even at random times during the day, I'll pull my hair off of my shoulders or something similar and somehow pull like 10 or more hairs loose at the same time. Sometimes there are also partially loose hairs that stick out 3 and 4 inches from the bottom of my dreads. In these situations would it be better to cut off the loose hair where the other hair stops? Leave it? Pull them out? I feel like this is probably contributing to some of them coming loose because I must be pulling out some of the structure of the dreads.....

Everything outside of that seems to be moving along alright! I'll take some pictures soon so I can have references to what I'm actually talking about :)

Love and Peace -

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Dread babies, frizz, and general unruliness

By DreadfulWishes, 2014-02-11

Ok, I bit the bullet about 3 weeks ago and decided to dread my hair! I used the TnR method.

In the beginning I absolutely loved them - they looked SO good!

However, they're getting to be very frizzy, seem to be coming loose near the roots on top - they don't want to stay on either side and have bumps that make triangles on the top of my head - and have lots of loose hairs.

I've already had to redo a lot of them because they started congoing in bad places and some of them just came out completely on their own.

For about a week and a half I used the baking soda method followed by an ACV rinse and it seemed to get things really clean. For the last week or so I have used the Goddess dreadlocks shampoo. It smells wonderful!

I can't help but wonder - did my dreads come out because I was too rough on them while washing? Should I avoid the Goddess shampoo and continue with only baking soda for a while until they tighten up? My husband hates the smell of ACV, so I will only use it when absolutely necessary.

It could also be that I wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail fairly often for my job....

My hair is naturally fairly curly - not pencil thin ringlets, but more than wavy - relatively coarse with varied texture, and extremely thick, so I was surprised that they came out so quickly since they like to stick together in curls anyway.(I'm about a 64th Native American mixed with almost every kind of European you can think of and it all shows through in my hair - it varies from smooth and blonde to coarse and almost black). Oh, and it's just past my shoulders in length.

Do I need to chill out and just let them fix themselves? Or is there something I can do to help them along?

Not only do I love the way they look, I also really want to dispel the misconceptions about dreads where I live - conservative Oklahoma - but I'm worried that no one is going to take me seriously unless they clean up quick....

Anyway, thanks in advance!!

Love and Peace

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