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Location: Hamburg
Country: Germany


Skateboarding, Punk/ HC Music

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It seems that i am on the right path...

Today something emotional happened to me. While waiting for the train with my female college, certainly a woman i don't know and have never seen before came closer to us and told me that my hair looks very beautiful. I was very happy and kind of shocked at the same time, because this never had happend before in my whole life. I don't know if she has realized that i am growing dreads or if she only felt like she needed to commend on my curly hair. Immediately i started smiling and said thank you so much to her

After she was gone, my college said to me, that some women would stay for hours in the bathroom to "create" a look like mine, while i just do nothing at all, except the hairwash once a week, which does not takes much of time at all. What a nice day that was, i will remender this moment for a long time i guess, and it only has happend, because i started that kind of journey 6 month ago! And I hope this might not be the last unexpected thing happening during this lovely journey...

Have a great day, just wanted to share that moment with people in the same boat!


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