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dreadlocks shampoo
Dread King


Location: Detroit, MI
Zipcode: 48205
Country: US

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dread balling, or dreadballing is the process of creatting aknotted ball and tucking it into the roots. to dreadball or not to dreadball? what should i do? dreadballing is not as harmful as many other methods however...

dread wax removal is finally possible remove dread wax products

dread wax can finally be removed! New more effective dread wax remover from makers of the best dreadlocks shampoos. Dread wax can finally be removed! Yea I know you may be thinking, couldn't...

dread perm

the dreaded dread permdread perms should be a last resort, only if every other method has failed to produce dreads after a good long try. the reason being that dread perms permanently alter the hair texture, which...

crocheting method, making dreadlocks with crochet hook

crocheted dreadlocks look extremely neat, but are very high maintenance this is what crochet will do to your dreads! This iframe is not allowedthis is a guide to creating and maintaining crocheted dreadlocks, however...
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