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needle felting hair

Your Ad Here using a felting needle on dreadlocks is the worse thing you canever do dreadheadhq sells a tool called the lock docta that is justa very expensive felting needle sold to "fix" loops and lumps thatare just signs of normal dreading. what does felting do? feltingneedles are incredibly sharp, and barbed, they break every hairthey touch, but nit only do they break them but shred them!creating a "felt" of your hair. think about the strength of a woolsweater compared to felt which pulls apaet easily with fingers afelted dread can be so weak it will fall apart from its own weight.once a dread has been felted it is destroyed. a very minimallyfelted dread may survive but be weak. however a dread felted tocreate the dread or to extensively "fix' it will be too weak tosave dreadlocksmethods dreadlocksmaintenance dreadlocks forums
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