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Drea Nicole


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two steps to the left ...and something for the air

By: Drea Nicole
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i wake up with fears and tremors these days... still looking for you beside me. I have to shake me head violently to prevent these thoughts from multiplying. They stop suddenly as the sea rocks in calming angst at the ending of a storm. I wait anticipating the backlash, but as i lay here the fears slowly dissipate. your energy still lurks between these sheets. and my mind misses the comfort of the love we once grew.

keep love, say my dreadlocks... keep love in your heart

everyday i will look for ways of being of service to others... how can i help? be more generous? i extend my offerings... my life is full, beautiful... in this moment and every moment as they come in all intensity always right now. I am truly blessed. life is in a constant state of renewing itself. sending healing vibrations of love into my ownself and out to you of the universe. everyone feel the warmth of existence within, it is an unbounded source of peace and love for the tapping.


blessed days

Drea Nicole
10/18/11 05:23:22PM @drea-nicole:

thank you soaring eagle, you are wonderful for sharing so much love and knowledge with us all

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/15/11 12:23:30PM @soaring-eagle:



Drea Nicole
10/15/11 12:07:59PM @drea-nicole:

thank you sister :)

10/12/11 06:23:20PM @sunshine:

i LOVE this. you are amazing with words.

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