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Dominique Matteo


Location: Marysville, CA
Country: UM


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Loving the Journey so far

By: Dominique Matteo
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So i decided to go with the TnR and then neglect. I sectioned my whole head (not very great) but will do for now id say about 80 percent of them have come undone from swimming, washing and what not but i am definitly loving the journey so far. Everyday i wake up and think, man i cant wait to c how much they form in the future. I was very picky about my hair in the past espescially who i let cut it but now it just seems right to let it do what ever it wants and have a character of its own that is mine as well. kind of like a trust between my hair and i, knowing im going to love it however it comes out, cause its my own. lol I know it sounds funny but that just my way of feeling more natural and closer to myself. Just thought id share this little excitement on here :) peace and happy journey to all !

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