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Mah Dreadlock Journal: Dread birthing, painful but hopefully worth it!

user image 2012-07-11
By: Doña Natalia
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Hi peoples! :) This here be me first YouTube video, so excuse the poor quality maybe? ;)
I've been dreading my hair over the last 4 days, using mainly the twist and rip method (there are tonnes of video tutorials out there explaining this) and so far I'm not hating the result! I saw that making a "Dready Journal" was quite rewarding so here it is.

NEW TO DREADS? Best information here:

I still have a wee bit of dreading to do (that sounds wierd when I say it, strange word "dread-locks", wonder if "dreading" is the correct verb... sounds like something bad is going to happen and I need to be worrying about it)
Here's how I did it: if anyone is that curious...
I started at the front (by accident mainly, and because it was easier to reach/see) dreading myself, I didn't really use a strict sectioning grid pattern or anything, just making sure I parted it more or less down the middle (so that it wouldn't look too wild when I wore it down and to make styling easier) and grabbing sections that were more or less an inch in diameter/ width - poligonal sections, not even squares, though square sections are generally perferable (easier to tile).

Choosing the thickness of the sections was important, I still have my doubts as to wether I've chosen the right size, I didn't want to end up with loads of bald patches, but neither did I want someing too thin that it wasn't really that diferent from my normal hair.

I did each dread with said twist and rip method, palm-rolling every so often so that the dread came out nice and round and an even thickness all the way down. I made sure every rip / knot that was made was as tight as possible by tugging gently after separating. If the dread was to fluffy/ loose I crocheted it a bit with a 0.5mm crochet hook, being gentle not to break too many hairs.

When it was done I put rubber bands round the base and the tip to make sure they stay seperate at the roots and also so that they don't unravel when I shower (which I DO plan on doing, by the way :3). I'm a newbie, but if there are any questions/advice at all, feel free to comment!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/16/12 06:01:46PM @soaring-eagle:

the crochet wax a very bvery bad idea and the rubber bands need to come out right away

and palm rolling is pointless entirely

07/11/12 08:55:23AM @kelly3:

Welcome to the world of dread!

Rainbow Fortune
07/11/12 06:26:37AM @rainbow-fortune:

Remove the rubber bands. They can (will) get stuck/melt into the dreads after time, and you won't be able to get them out. They will eventually rot in there.

Also, they will and are supposed to unravel. Some more, some less, but that's what they do. They tighten up, then loosen, and do the whole thing again. That's how they dread. :)

And don't crochet any more. No matter how thin the hook is, it will do damage. And they will break off eventually. It only helps the visual (for a while, at least), but does only damage in the long run. :)

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