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dreadlocks shampoo
DJ Gord


Location: Hawthorne, FL
Zipcode: 32640
Country: US


Blogs: 3


Bleached dreads??

By DJ Gord, 2012-11-03
Does bleaching dreads hurt them in any way?
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Thicker locks??

By DJ Gord, 2012-10-28
Can I thicken my dreads by simply doing nothing?
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2 month old dreads

By DJ Gord, 2012-09-29
Hey, i've had my dreadlocks for 2 months i am african american my hair is extreamly curly and thick . It seems every time i get my hair retwisted it crawls back aloose? The only part what doesnt come loose are the tips i used the 2 strand method . Any tips or advice about what to expect in the next month?? Help im starting to think this isnt gonna work.
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