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Human Doing

user image 2009-10-24
By: Dirty Momma Funk
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I am starting to show signs or fracture,While I sit waiting for my sister's rapture.Channeling so much light for so long,Holding it all together,Time letting the cancer do it's wrong,Praying for the suffering to end forever.I love being with her and I want to be near,I want to show her pure love and absorb her fear.Trying to stay high while the gravity gets me down,Smiling and laughing each time I twist and turn around.Then there's the whimpers and the moans of pain,Offering her doses of companionship, liquid comfort, and barely staying sane.She shouldn't have to pass in a house of death and sorrow,Even when her hours are numbered,And the tumors have taken her tomorrows.She must have a home of love and joy,Filled with her chosen family, friends, and her boys.Quick Jah, I need some super glue for my soul,Please Gaia, help stop the growth of this black hole.Krishna, I call you to help me through another day,Jesus, I need you to help me find my way.Shiva, step in and get me through one more night,Ganesh, see me through to shine more light.Jehovah, I call on you to dwell here,Om, help harmonize me with the ones so dear.Wonka Tonka, I call on you to send my spirit guide,Allah, in your peace I do confide.Buddha, posses this human being,And if I lose it, God, please stop the other mortals from seeing.
Dirty Momma Funk
10/24/09 07:53:50PM @dirty-momma-funk:
This was written after 4 weeks of little to no sleep, while careing for my girlfriend as she died from cancer. We kept her at home and was her nurses. It took 6 weeks total....I have a few other poems from this time, and they are even heavier. It was my "job" during this time to keep EVERYONES spirits high, especially my sister dieing. IT is so hard to watch someone you love suffer, so I told everyone that we are not mourn her until it's our turn...after she dies. It was hard to be the rock for so long. But don't get the wrong impression, it was one of the most meaningful things I have ever done. To many pains to speak of and even more lessons.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/24/09 05:09:38PM @soaring-eagle:
damn sweety.. what did this come out of?i know you have suffered alot of loss and been a guide to others through the transition at lifes end but . the shadows on your soul are so heavy.. how do you shine with so much light when you cary with you so much sorrow?

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