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Diego F.


Location: São Paulo
Country: Brazil

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6 months neglect / organic / naturaldreadlock update Brazil HD

Duration: 00:06:56
I wasn't planning to record on the sixth month, but i'm doing it because now i have an HD cam. As you can see, there are a lot lot lot of frizz and loosen ha...
Diego F.
01/13/13 11:50:36AM @diego-f:

Thank You! I have an better vesion of the sixth month...

you can see some loops there...

Now i'm on the seventh month, i plan to record another video only in April to see some changes!


Castaway J
01/13/13 11:35:32AM @castaway-j:

maan my hair used to be that thick i think mines thinnning out lol awesome progress they are coming along great mane!

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