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The Naked Truth

user image 2009-10-15
By: Didjeridurian
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When did people start to wear clothes, and why?The only real purpose that is served by clothing is to keep us comfortable in in-climate weather. Why are we the only species on the planet that wears clothes?Every creature on this planet was born with the covering to suit that creatures natural habitat. A polar bear would die of heatstroke in the jungle, just as a hippopotamus would freeze to death in the arctic.Our natural covering requires that we maintain an average external temperature greater than 70 degrees. How could one possibly state that it is natural for us to inhabit climates in which we would surely freeze to death in our natural naked form.To make this stance viable, one would need to argue that we were meant to create clothing for ourselves and that it is the will of nature.To uncover the legitimacy of that statement, we need to examine the effect of clothing on our health and natural well being.Clothing is external insulation that simulates a warmer environment during in-climate weather. The positive effects of clothing would only apply to those people who are living outside of a suitable human climate. By suitable human climate, I am referring to a sub-tropical climate which not only maintains the proper temperature, but also contains an abundance of nutritious plant foods that best suit our species. People who inhabit these sub tropical regions would have no PRACTICAL use for clothing.Most people would argue that we need clothing to adapt to our chosen environments and although clothing may not be natural to our species, it doesn't do us any harm. However, every aspect of nature is part of the grand design of optimal health and abundance. There are no natural laws that can be circumvented without an adverse effect on our ability to fully experience natural well being. Then what harm is there in wearing clothing?Our skin is pouros and we assimilate nourishment through it just as much as we do on the inside. The sun is a giver of life and therefore provides a wide range of essential nutrients to our bodies. The rays of the sun catalyzes neccessary chemical processes that make other vitamins and minerals viable for our use. By covering most of our body from the rays of the sun, we are cheating ourselves of its copious nourishment. Much of the widespread nutritional defficiency that we face as a species is a direct consequence of insufficient exposure to sunlight.Our skin also needs to breathe. It benefits greatly from the movement of the air over its entire surface. By exposing our entire body directly to the elements, we are greatly enhancing our potential for vibrant health.Clothing has become more than just practical covering. Although it can often be used as a means for uniformity, it can be used as an opportunity for style and individuality as well. The irony of the latter is quite astounding. We use man made items such as clothing, jewlery, tattoos, and piercings to stand out and define our individuality. However, absolutely anything that is made by man can be easily duplicated. This process leads to trends and labels, and is often exploited by commercial industry. It seems that in order to stand out you must spend your life trying to stay one step ahead of the mainstream who will invariably pick up the latest style of the most popular subcultures, and make them novelties of the "status quo".Our bodies are a creation of nature, and however much alike in physiology and function, every single body is absolutely unique. Our bodies can not be duplicated when we allow them to develop naturally. There are so many features and characteristics that come together to create our physical essence. From the shape and structure of our faces, to the pattern in which our body hair grows. The more we choose to modify our bodies, by shaving our face and bodies, cutting our hair, painting with makeup, etc., the more we are eliminating our ability to create true individuality in our physical form.To be naked is to be free of potential conformity; to be free to express your truly unique contribution to the great natural landscape; and most importantly to be free to experience the infinite joy of natural health and well being.In this culture and society, nudity is something that has become largely unacceptable, and even illegal. Due to the "forbidden" aspect of nudity and centuries of collective repression, nudity has even become perverse and taboo. For this reason we cannot exactly just throw away our clothes and take to the streets without serious legal and social consequences. We must understand that this is another area that demands a gradual, and in this case, private transition.For the sake of our health it is very important to spend as much time as will be possible outside nude in the sunlight and fresh air. Find a place that is safe and private. Maybe a secluded field or your private backyard. Anywhere that you can go where you will not potentially offend anyone who is not quite ready to except their own natural bodies. We must understand that nudity is natural and therefore essentially important to our health and happiness.
Shanxon Lemasters
02/06/11 09:52:22PM @shanxon-lemasters:
this was very eye opening and amazing, I'm trying to teach my kids that nudity is not "wrong" i hate how everyone feels being "natural" is wrong...very well written and great great read!

02/01/11 04:18:42PM @georgiafreespirit:
This is pure and beautiful. I love reading people's opinions on the body and nudity. I always say we were born naked, it's sad to see today's society craving sex and pornography and that some are unable to accept the body in it's natural form. You are a wonderful writer, i truly enjoyed reading that and your others posts. By the way i'd love to hear about your diet. I'm a vegetarian and am considering going vegan/raw diet.

The Rapture of Exile
07/07/10 11:39:59PM @the-rapture-of-exile:
I also wonder if clothing had an effect on early proto-Europeans light skin? It could be that clothes restricted UV exposure and skin lightened over time, or that the climes of the Northern Hemisphere made darker skin unnessecary, or disadvantageous

The Rapture of Exile
07/07/10 11:37:17PM @the-rapture-of-exile:
Have any of you read The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris? Fantastic book, btw. Anyway, he suggests that mankinds erect posture and hairlessness are one of our primary survival advantages, in that both male and female sex organs are completely displayed between potential mates (and yes I realize this is 8 months late, but oh well). I find the fact that humans only grow hair on the head and auxillary areas fascinating. Supposedly the pubic hairs are intended to trap pheremones from the genitals... Just some anthropological fun facts for all of you.

12/11/09 04:21:49PM @didjeridurian:
I don't really understand how that can be considered any kind of rebuttal. Did you actually read what I wrote?I never said we shouldn't have bare skin. I was referring to our geographical displacement. The neccesity of clothing in these regions is by all means very valid, and I stated that."Less hair is also cleaner. Notice how thick, woolly animals are generally covered in parasites and other nasties? Thick hair creates an ideal environment for them.""When we started walking on our 2 feet, as oppose to walking on all 4 limbs, less of our body was exposed to the sun, so the 'protection' provided from hair from UV rays was unnecessary."I would love to hear your explanation for these statements. Can you substantiate thee claims?This sounds like a passive aggressive delivery of neo-conformist talking points.

12/08/09 04:32:23PM @nikki2:
i dont like my body that much. but yeah i agree with everyone here, being nakid is the only way to become more comfortable with your body, i mean..everything else is fine with mine!.. only thing i have a problem with is my chest area, i have small breast..not only that but a scar from sergery that has left me do i get over that and accept my body?? there is DEFFINTILY and unhelathy obession with the perfect bodyimage that the maintream has. big breast, super skinny waist. hmmm..i have to tell you DOES help walking around the house wich ive been diong, lately at night of hey.. also the scar and also has made me shy about the whole "intimacy part" of a relationship, i want a man to accept my body and all,i almost wish sometimes that deformaty was thought to be more buatifull then the average looking body.

10/19/09 03:20:10AM @diamondskies:
Faelwyyn, scientific studies have actually shown that scent, pheromomnes, actually are the first thing that attract us to a potential mate. If we aren't attracted to their scent then the chances of actually having a sexual relationship, whether casual or intimate, are greatly reduced. Interestingly enough, one of the most common complaints when a couple divorces is also scent. "I can't stand the way he/she smells." is extremely common during a breakup!

10/18/09 11:11:13PM @faelwynn:
Agreed! I would also partially blame the 'need' for clothing by a number of mainstream religions that would place the idea in our minds that your natural body (even being made by your creator) is unclean and something that is to be hidden. Granted, different religions have different ideas on the subject.On the subject of sex and sexual attraction, as unusual as it sounds I'm more attracted by scent. Personality is a big plus, and so is physical appearance, however for me nothing is more attractive than a male's own unique scent. I can usually tell just from being in close contact with a person whether or not we'll get along in the long run. And it all has to do with the way that they smell to me! It's all in the pheromones!

10/15/09 07:46:39PM @didjeridurian:
Well put, however, I wouldn't consider sexual attraction to be derived from personality. I am a very sexual person and to me it is still very physical. I think that the physical body is beautiful and very sexy and being sexually aroused by the female or male form is healthy and normal. However the missing link in my opinion is respect, self control, and deepened understanding of our sexuality. Sexual congress in and of itself is what is "sexy" to me. That particular interplay of physical bodies creating intense pleasure for one another.I think sex itself has become taboo in that we don't openly discuss or teach about deeper levels of intercourse. For instance through disciplined sexual practice one can learn full control over male ejaculation eventually to the point of not needing to do so, which turns the entire act into one endless orgasm. Thus eliminating the need for birth control. Some may call in tantra but thats a very broad term for sucha specialized practice.Sex is beautiful and physical and intense.Of course if we were naturally desensitized to nudity we would experience very little sexual urge every single time we saw a naked body, but the fact remains that a naked body is essentially very sexy. Theres nothing wrong with that as long as we hold respect and self control as virtuous traits. Sex is a physical way to interact with physical beauty. It is as much a game as it is an intimate congress and a spiritual exercise.I 99% agree with SE in this one, however, I don't really get turned on by personality, unless the personality is very physical and emphasizes the physical form. Personality attracts me to partnerships, and in this society it happens to be circumstantially safer to keep your sexual practice within your intimate partnerships.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/15/09 04:08:22PM @soaring-eagle:
very well stated.. at the gatherings ive been around casual nudity most of my life and 1 thing i can say is that when you are around nudity as a natural thing it very much is desexualized, when your talking to a naked person your eyes are on theyre eyes not wandering around body parts. in todays society the hiding of the body has made those body parts far more important then they should be. a nipple is a nipple everyone has em but since they are not seen everyday on the streets theres a constant quest to see the unseen nipples, whole industries revolve around this. porn and bars that specialize in nipple revelations are a multi million dollar industry that would not exist without who grow up around casual nudity tend to have healthier attitudes about body image and sexuality.look back 100 years when showing an ankle was taboo, "porn" of the time showed racy pictures of women with skirts that didn't reach the ground. and showing any skin at all got you labled a whore.the exposure of skin and sexuality have become too linked together. so now any nipple exposure is simply masterbation material.this has harmed mankind so much its insane. a woman who bends over accidently revealling a nipple is an instant sex object and posible rape victim, for "teasing"but if nudity was the norm the taboo of the exposed nipple would be gone.. the sexuality of the body too..sexual attreaction would be to the personality not the body of the personnipples would be everywhere so thered be no real need to see em ever and no overimportance of any bodt parts..nudity is not just healthy for the body..but for society..

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