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Devon Delorme


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Back combed hardship

By Devon Delorme, 2013-04-22
So I don't usually write a dread blog but I need feed back. I have had dreads for about 3 years now. I created them by back combing ! Eek !!let me tell you about blood and tears and worries... So three years ago I had a huge fro my hair is thick curly Course hair I'm malado and my dad also has dry frizzy Scottish red hair kinda like carrot top. My mom has fine curly hair. I feel my hair is a combination of many types of hair from thick and frizzy to smooth and silky its hard to explain but I will post pics later. Anywho I was always told by people to get dreads so one day when I was sick of maintaining my hair I sought out to get dreads. First couple videos on you tube told me to back Combe and palm roll . It worked and my dreads were in after a week and 3 combs later. It was hours of pain and stress. I did them all my self and they worked minus the fact I combed them all 3 times over to make them tight. It was hard and every three months or so I maintain by root rubbing. All this work has paid off cause now I've been told by many people that my dreads are the nicest they have seen. The only thing I want to change is to stop having to do the roots and hope for them to lock on there own selves. And as I look back I wonder how they would be today if I used the natural method? Would the be aesthetically pleasing as they are today would they be bigger or thinner? I'm wondering if neglecting them now would keep them growing and locking at the roots. Any one have any thoughts or suggestions?
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