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dreadlocks shampoo
Destiny B


Location: Everett, WA
Zipcode: 98201
Country: US


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12/10/11 09:54:54AM @foxpaw:


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/02/11 01:50:46PM @soaring-eagle:

Jacob E. Fernando
07/15/11 05:21:33AM @ruca671:
haha ye then i guess u have to bleach it:) post a picture when u have don it so i can see the results, its going to look awesome!

Jacob E. Fernando
07/12/11 06:51:37AM @ruca671:
No problem man, Im glad to help: ) how do I you my your dreads to be different colors? I didnt know that my dreads where in different colors haha do u mean that some of them are lighter and some are darker? That is because of the sunlight bleaching them naturally sow my suggestion is that u just be out in the sun as often as u can : ) but u could bleaching the bottom of them if u wont as well, is up to u basically how u wont u dreads to look like : ) have a nice day man

luke dell
10/14/10 12:55:32PM @destiny-b:
i think this person that left me a comment is SPAM how do i figure this out?

Lora E
09/23/10 08:29:18PM @james-smith:
no prob ...and thanks for the friend request :)

Lora E
09/21/10 04:42:54PM @james-smith:
Don't worry about slow progress...everyones hair dreads at different speeds, just ignore them and live your life normally...and cutting them won't speed the dreading either, it will make you start over just be patient and do try the wax removal shampoo...I'm sure it'll make a huge difference :)

jillian decarlo
09/17/10 02:43:20PM @elle-swell:
There's a few methods discussed in the forums, and the dread wax removal link at the top of the page ( ). When I had wax I ended up cutting, because back then there weren't sites like this that I was aware of. Now there's more info and everyone posts their methods and success in the forums. I would try the forums and check out the wax removal link, because some methods may be better than others or easier than others.

jillian decarlo
09/16/10 11:52:26PM @elle-swell:
Definitely remove the wax. You will be amazed how much your hair will dread when there is no wax in there. Wax holds the hair down and wont let it dread, removing it will give it the freedom to move and actually dread. I waxed my first time around and in 3 years my hair was at the same standstill, it won't get better till you remove the wax, you'll be glad you did and you wont want to cut them when they really dread up because you'll love them.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/16/10 09:44:57PM @soaring-eagle:
wax has survived 6 years of washing and agressive attempts to remove it including boiningso yea im sure its in theredont use the selson blueuse baking soda acv teatree rosemjary and a cold rince search the site for best dandruf and u will fond a better way to get rid of it

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