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Trying Apple Cider Vinegar!

user image 2013-09-21
By: Derrell
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First time doing this I grabbed all of the details from a specific user on youtube. Seeing all the build up get removed had me really curious. I normally have been going to a stylish once every 2 months. She just deep cleans it and styles it after. But the water is never too murky looking. So I want to try this out and see if it will be worth continuing since I normally see the stylist.

10/08/13 01:17:34PM @derrell:

ramblingrum I wash it myself but when I go to friend which is the stylist that is only for deep clean. She washes the scalp really good.But between washing my dreads and this rinse I may be set to not have to visit her much anymore or at all.

10/08/13 11:58:40AM @ramblingrum:
Does it only get washed when you go to your stylist or is that just when it gets "deep cleaned"? Clean dreadies really help the knotting process

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/21/13 11:40:06AM @soaring-eagle:

never see a stylist they are the worse mistake you can make you will end up bald if you keep going

what was the mix the yputube rewcomended icve seen horible ones

never mix baking soda and acv! they must be used seperately with a rinse betweeen the 2

the proper mix is

1 part baking soda 10 parts water

soak 10 min

then same acv and water soak 3 min (if mature) or only a couple spoonfulls and rinse rightr away if young dreads

this is why you need to fire the stylist imediately

also if they ever used wax even once you need to get wax b gone to remove it

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