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Rubber Bands OUT Freedom IN.

user image 2012-05-31
By: Dee4
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I removed rubber bands today and feel more liberated. My dreadies are going to be two months in a few days think I am going to celebrate and take them out for a day at the beach :).. My hair is a total mess but, its part of being a dread head. I love em more and more as the days progress (okthat is not the wholetruth) some days, I want to just take em out because they are so unmanagablebut,Ilet themrest on a tamforthe day and they soon calm down and do not rebel against me.My dreads vary in size from small to large I wanted them that way. I have noticed that two of them have been out growing the rest. I was told that palm rolling is not good but can't kick the habit. No more wax in these babies no more rubber bands and am still looking around for some good shampoo. Also I would like to find inexpensive beads or peyote slip thingies would like to decorate them but not go over board with them.

Pics coming soon so stay tuned.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/31/12 01:33:59AM @soaring-eagle:

shampoo beads tams everything else

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